I Wonder ..Umm

I wonder how far I’m getting
How much I’m falling into deep
Is there someone real?
Can you hear me scream?
I swear I tried
I did my best
I did what I’ve never done before
And for what? Get drowned in tears?
Feeling dumb and having fears?
How powerful is this love ?
How can a simple feeling make us feel so complete
And empty at the same time?

This wound will never heal and everything seems


I couldn’t say goodbye.

I tried to say but exhaustion
and anxiety kept me captive.

I wasn’t strong enough

My heart is being pointed
at with a gun.
The owner of this gun, is my faith.

I feel more lonely than ever.

Don’t you know that you are everything
I got.
I swear now I can’t take it.

It’s tearing me apart.

So tough, that I’m tearing myself apart.
And even though,
You are getting help, you left me like an
unfinished painting.
So rough, that I feel myself emotionless.

You are gone…

and I don’t know when you are coming back.

I feel powerless, you left me in the worst of my moments.
You left me so you could return, and save me from myself.

I hope so..

I hope so I am not wrong !

1 thought on “I Wonder ..Umm

  1. What a wonderful piece expressed with transparency and deep emotion.
    Embrace your true self.
    Allow Faith in God to flourish. Enjoy life, it’s not time to be bored, spend time with friends, make new ones. Come out the shadows.
    Never misplace your faith, was never intended to hold you hostage.
    Let Love Abound.
    Love is gentle, so kind and wants the best for you.
    Hope this helps and makes sense.😊
    Love can be trusted.

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