That Little Hope !!

Mind : Okay so let’s quit on him now and move on . It’s final now ! Over and out !!

Heart : Okay agreed ! But let me just try one more time . This will be the final time I promise.

They both agreed on this !!

And the saga of quitting and trying continues forever ♥️

13 thoughts on “That Little Hope !!

  1. I understand I will pray for u now.

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    1. Thank you ,thats really kind of you ♥️
      Well, things have gone beyond prayers and only a person’s decision can be a game-changer here .
      And also I am an unlucky person to expect miracles 😂😂

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      1. Miracle happen but a renew of mind is necessary

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  2. Ha.Good one.Heart over taking the brain

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  3. So true the conversation between heart and mind . Wish all goes well

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  4. Ah yes, I know that feeling …

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  5. Bri with the thoughts Jun 6, 2019 — 04:47

    Whoa so relatable!

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