Can you answer this ?

Can you read a woman in your life span ?
You can not be ‘ well read ‘ without reading women                                                                          Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Can you read a woman in your life span?

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography





6 thoughts on “Can you answer this ?

  1. Well, what do you mean by reading women?

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    1. knowing better and understanding better .Thank you Kalliope.


      1. Body language is the way to read women. Not so much their words, for women are wily and sharp. Women speak so many words, to get to the heart of the message she will try to communicate you must heed the words she doesn’t say. Watch what she does, and weigh that against the wisdom of the heart.

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      2. Thank you for the rule of the game.No surprise men are always the losers.Your words weigh lot indeed ! Ladies & Gentlemen there,hope you are listening !


  2. I tried braille. Didn’t help.

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