Keep in Left Lane

I’ve been down here before,
Trail was blazed long ago.
Left my self to find me again.

Hear my voice, it tells me
who I am and used to be.
Reclaim the ghost holy free.
Sund aughter sun
My name rose me out of the sea.
Rise up withstand face the against.

I found my shadow bright as day,
Morning star to lead the way.
Left is not wrong,
Write the rite, right my name.
My name is light, who I am ,
Lost my sense, synethesia.

In my wake you paved with gold,
Then said
You said
I paid the price of my soul.
But you can’t even say my name.
Refract glory for yourself
To warn the world before my fall.

Roads you paved with my gold;
Paid the price for home.
I’ve been through these doors,

I know these paths and gates are for
Authorised personnel .
Only you would lock me out of …
the thresholds…
My interface to improve the world.

Originally posted on 22 May 2019 at, as one half of a whole. follow mmme for more words wrung out of my wretched soul, distilled for digestion/dissection upon this digital realm.

modern mystic mother is Kalliope, Kallisti, Kali, Ki… me. Only, adrift upon lonely oceans – free?

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