Everybody’s moving on

but I’m standing still.

They’re embracing life

while I’ve lost its thrill.

They have things to do

and people to see.

While I stay isolated

from their reverie.

I can’t understand

what is happening to me.

I used to be happy

but that joy is just a memory.

I shut myself away

to hide from prying eyes.

If anyone should call

I disguise it with lies.

however, the number of

callers has diminished.

While most of my friends

have said they are finished.

They have to get on with

the rest of their lives,

while I stay in the past

with the ghosts I idolize.

art back view backlit boy
Photo by Victor on


4 thoughts on “Idolize

  1. This poem describes my life right now. Loved it! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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