Love For GoT Never Ends !

While I was having a tough time in my life,random search hunt for a way to de-stress my mind led me to watch this epic series “Game of Thrones”which is an incredibly fabulous show.

I naturally inclined to be interested in knowing about Ancient life style,Archaic architecture,Horse riding,Sword skills,Archery and Super natural existence.To my surprise, I found this series to be a mix of all my likings woven together in a fine and classic manner.This drama series is based on a novel “A song of ice and fire “.Watching this series felt like a rollercoaster ride with unexpected thrill and excitement.Power and violence are its center theme.

The soul and life to the novel were given by the articulate actors who are perfectly picked to play the particular role. Moreover this series is known for killing its famous characters anytime.Dialogues are crisp yet sensible.The thing that fascinated me is about the valyrian language which was created for the sake of this series.

Then costumes are designed in such a way that it speaks about power of the characters in a lucid hidden manner.

A funny and strange part is that after watching this series I kinda felt like killing with knife is Swift and easy.Likewise many a times drowned and obsessed with the show.

Steady evolution of some characters are shown in a subtle manner with appropriate screen play.

Amazing shooting spots with natural serene beauty even the artificial sets ,props and digital visual works seemed more real.

when it comes to warfare and battlefield,unlike action movies it was quite naturally setup and heart felt by not being over dramatic.

Though there are number of characters in this series, each and everyone’s role are impact filled and lazed from first season to the last season.

Adding flavours to all the episodes are its Theme music ,opening sequence,Background score,and very few songs , all of which act as a bridge in connecting emotions of the cast with that specific situation.

The only dark side of this series is that frequent show of nudity and sexual violence.Apart from this criticism,I feel GoT is the Gem of the drama series.

Let me now brief the story line.The ‘Game of thrones’ is all about possession of the Iron throne to rule the mythical Westeros continent for which noble families fight amongst each other in a diplomatic wicked way.Dragons,White walkers,Three eyed raven,Free folks,Nomadic tribes,Unsullied,Faceless men and many others enrich the standard of the series in it’s true spirit.

Hey reading friend, if you could find any match of your likings with mine ,then definitely give it a try and watch this series to have unforgettable fantasy journey

Ultimately GoT Served the purpose of being a stress buster in part of my life.Somehow my tough time is also passing and this series also came to an end today….ooops !!! Feeling bad and would desperately miss this visual treat,Anything be it good or bad has to come to an end one fine day !!!!! So, Love for (Game Of Thrones) GoT never ends…

Being happily sad,I Bid adieu to this masterpiece drama series by sharing one of my favourite ways of greeting people in valyrian language

Valar Morghulis (All men must die)

Response to the above phrase is

Valar Dohaeiris (All men must serve)

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