Why do we tell stories? What purpose does it even serve?

When we tell stories, we share part of our selves. We offer a slice of our soul and the knowledge or emotion gained through our experience.
My blog is me trying to navigate the silent, scion rivers that once were second nature to traverse. I just want to be whole again. Experience is for the new now, I must write my conclusions instead… Tale as long as time, kama kim continues to start and stop. She cries.

Modern Mystic Mother

We tell stories to share knowledge, information, and ourselves with other people. Through the use of narrative, we are able to communicate and connect with others. This connection is what gives us strength and hope to face the dawn of each new day. Without love, it is so easy to give up and break apart into the night.

I want to thank Betul for her post this morning. And I also want to thank Marge for our recently developed friendship and comment exchanges. The combination of these factors at this time has helped me to remember what I wanted to do with this blog…

I am a locomotive of thoughts, I only stop when I run out of steam. I need to be reminded occasionally why I’m even here… What did I do or say to make myself remain in this place? I remember pressing upon my soul the…

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