Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da

It is hard to reach out to things that doesn’t reach out to us. But life is always reaching out to us; giving us her hand. Just hold it and start your walk. Never look back. For you can walk side by side with life and make a new life out of it and help someone take your hand and make them learn to walk.

“Life is a beautiful experience
A sweet realisation
of how better we can be
But people are ignorant towards it
Living in their own small world
Without letting it bloom

Life is a melody
A sound as sweet as sugar
of how sweetness can be sweeter
But people are insensitive and resistant towards it
Tasting their own bitter truth they call it
Without letting it happen

Life is a two story house built for one another
Supported by the very ground
Of how it can reach heights
But people are afraid of heights
Living in their own walls of doom
Without cherishing its possibilities

Life is a rudimentary affair
Experienced by one for oneself
Of how good we can be
But people want to make mess out of it
Letting their ephemeral longing to take over the very present
Without fighting for themselves

Oh life
Not a sad and melancholic affair
Nor a demonstration of scars
Neither a bad end musical

Dear life
An involuntary laugh
A conscious happening
An enabler to present but not past

Our life
Gives us freedom of who we want to be
Not a consequence of who we were
Gives us a plane sheet of paper
We can make it a paper plane and fly
Or we can just ignore the life
And let it pass by”


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