Scribbled notes and votes.

Do you still wish my phosphorescence remain for you here?

Which me do you seek to see, who do you remember me to be?

Thrash your way through the bumbling brambles and mummur. You were told wisdom waited for you at the top of the world.

In my life past another time long ago, I did not wait to ask. The world was not ready for my self, or I was not ready to be unfurled.

I did not wait. I just was… I was there. With or without you. I was just… and fair.

A well of wisdom swirls through my eyes of woe. I was the saddest girl you had never known.

to the oracle at the peak of the mountain… what bid you petition to know, see, read or hear? How do I serve to contribute something meaningful and useful?

I am the fruit of knowledge, you are the seed of life. Whether or not you bite me, you are all going to die.

What flowers or fruit would you like to cultivate amidst the thorns strewn through this site? Lot 33, experiment 626.

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