The Greatest Loss

To lose a child and then

hear it was God’s will,

then to be expected to carry on

after your life has stood still.

To hear it was all

part of a specific plan

and you have to be strong

because you are the man.

To have to place him

in a small white casket,

then forever by your side

like an unwanted mascot.

To hide the tears

you so want to shed,

then going to bed, wishing

it was you that was dead.

baby bed blue blur
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8 thoughts on “The Greatest Loss

  1. Very sad but beautiful

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  2. Beautifully Heartwrenching penned.

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  3. parikhit dutta Apr 18, 2019 — 08:01

    This is heartbreaking. I think there is no greater loss than the loss of ones child.

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    1. parikhit dutta Apr 18, 2019 — 08:02


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