Lying in bed

on the flat of my back,

cursing my luck

and the latest

sciatica attack.

I can’t sit down

or stay on my feet

so, I stare out

the window at the

rain and the sleet.

The only thing

working is my

overactive brain

imagining scenarios

I find hard to explain.

Like if colour

is such a beautiful thing

what can explain

the trouble it can bring?

Where do we go to

when we die?

could it really be

a palace in the sky?

The answers to

these questions

I can’t work out

but it passes the time

until I am up and about.

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1 thought on “Bedridden

  1. Speculations and ruminations upon topics of divine, spurred by phenomenal thought and metaphorical observations. These are my favourite sort of conversations.

    Liked by 1 person

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