The lost love

Its time to show what we have in our hands.

The soon we reveal the faster we come out from pain.

When it’s just a sad day, i opened up my window to get some wind. I got her smell waving in air making me active and my day bright. Suddenly i saw a thing touching my head. It was her hands that says me not to cry unless or until she left me.

When that situation makes me to cry. I noticed that she wasn’t there. I realised that some irony needs correction in reality. I called her. She was depressed .

She dont want to share anything with me. I don’t know why. I asked what happened? She replied unless you dont want to Share anything with me. I wont. I don’t want to hurt her by what i am to say

So i. Didn’t ask her even a bit.

I cut the call.

The pain exceeds its threshold. I pinned my hand with metal nails.

It hurts than what i feel in my heart. I took it out. When i think of the moments with her, i am moving from a hell place to a heavenly place. I dont Wanna spoil my mind. So i want to enjoy her memories.

When its she who made your day beautiful and left you, its better to think of those memories and get depress as much as you . Those pain gets you healed stronger so that no one could make you a tea cup anymore..

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