Cheap Alcohol

An empty fridge

stares back at you,

no beer left

to console you.

Your bed is calling

but you can’t hear,

you need some more

to ease your fear.

A bottle of whiskey

grabs your attention,

maybe this can

be your salvation.

You open the bottle

and pour out a measure,

offer up a toast

to the life you don’t treasure.

You’ve lost count

of the chances you wasted

along with all

the cheap alcohol you’ve tasted.

You dread to think

what tomorrow may bring,

you’re not even sure

if it’s summer or spring.

Life has passed you

in the blink of an eye

and you have been left

alone here to die.

alcohol event fun hangover
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3 thoughts on “Cheap Alcohol

  1. David Lee Moser Apr 7, 2019 — 02:23

    Alcohol is indeed “cunning, baffling, and powerful.” What may appear at first to be a solution to your woes soon wraps itself around you and can suffocate you in short order.

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  2. Addiction in any form is always dangerous.
    This is the easiest approach to reach the Creator quickly.No passport required.
    Thank you for this beautiful thought provoking poetry.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you..👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

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