The queen of 11 is here

Modern Mystic Mother

I adore grey troubadour, Sometimes I wonder why they need me at all?

Grave robber, brave Robert, sometimes I wonder why I ever jumped in?

I did not fall. They fell for me. They chose the fall. They followed me.

I will rise, I stand with them. The grave digger’s chant, we rise again.

I sailed upon a burning ship that held the mother lode.

We worked the winds, and churned the seas to direct the rivers course.

I see the light, the time is nigh to bring the end times on these spirits of resistence.

Baratheon, I’m ready. Blade my cerebellum. Bade the rivers run red.

For ours is the growing fury: strong, unbroken and unbent.

Mars, Venus and Mercury. My body, my heart, my brain.

Tommy Oliver, the green dragon held his head up high. The white tiger kept watch for the snow.

Kimberly Hart, the pteradactyl pink…

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