Memories of A Farewell

The day has arrived when we have to part,

But you all will have a place always in our heart,

There is no present, no future and no past,

Cause the memories we cherish, will forever last,

The lessons of life will now have to learnt very fast,

Cause you all are entering the world at last…

Kids, you all have now finished your exams and school life too. Now you all have a 3 month holiday. As your mentor, I suggest that you spend your time in a better way. Am sharing a few suggestions, try to follow any if you like them…

1. Spend time, sit back and talk with your parents and grandparents.

2. Visit your village and stay there for a few days. Get the rustic feeling of that place.

3. Spend quality time with friends and try to make your friendship deeper with them now.

4. Read a lot. Read what you like but read. Remember Books are man’s best friends.

5. Listen to music. Music is life.

6. Travel and visit different places in India. Our country is very beautiful. See it with your own eyes.

7. Eat. Try different cuisines and develop a taste for different foods.

Again this is just a suggestion. You all are creative generation, more creative than ours. You might have plans already made up. So just enjoy your holidays and put them to a good use.

All the best for the journey of life...

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