Metta mother metatron says…

Love, laugh, live and learn. This life is all we have, or it is at least all we know.

We cannot waste it. We must not waste it. For if we fail to learn the lessons we are presented with in this life time, we doom ourselves to repeat them again.

I know after I die I would not want to come back to this dimension.

Take life by the horns, lock heads with the minotaur and fight. Escape your labyrinth.

I’m still here. I can fight with you, but I cannot fight for you.

Life is a circus, and maybe we are the sideshow freak show attractions. Rise above your troubles like a flying Grayson.

Or better yet, embrace your calling (I am calling). Under my Nightwing.

As the metatrope, I know I am every character. Every character is an incarnation of me.

You can choose who you want to be.

This mystic mother of the universe invites you to fight with me. For you. For us. For eternity.

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