Practicing a Sustainable Life from now on…

Being a Nature lover and admirer I often search for a ways to live a life in tune with Nature without harming my mother Earth but tend to end up in harming her one way or the other.Fortunately in the recent past I came across a TEDx Talk of Lauren Singer Trash is for Tossers and came to know about the concept of “zero-waste life style” it just blowed my mind and fabricated with my idea of living a sustainable life.

So what does “Zero-waste life style” mean? To understand this fancy term lets time travel roughly six decades back ….Yass !! World before industrialisation, urbanisation and modernisation….completely organic,no packed junk foods,paper wrapped grocery items,mostly home made products and so on …To suffice ‘Naturalised Human lifestyle without plastic’-harmless peaceful and healthy which is a perfect example for zero- waste life style

But sadly we live in the scenario of ‘Humanised Nature lifestyle with plastic’-harmful, polluted and toxic.From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed everything in someway or the other linked with plastic products,Plastic is the Real Ghost which is indestructible in a way destructive of mother earth’s health and wealth .


Humans created the problem, but it impacts all living creatures and the entire planet.

The ultimate and effective step is to lead a plastic-free life.But how?? seriously it’s hard to get off grid in this environmentally unethical system unless we practice being sustainable in day to day life. Firstly, trace your trash… Secondly, try to impart DIY organic technique for the products you are using for instance home made tooth paste,shampoo,soap….Thirdly,switch to organic fresh products rather than packed products… Finally, try using reusable alternatives for the plastic products in day to day life such as cotton bags steel bottles and containers ,glass jars ,bamboo,wooden products and so on….To sum up try to refuse harmful plastic products and use harmless organic products.

I know it doesn’t happen overnight but can happen through regular practice…

Hmmm….No one can change everything all at once but any one can bring a small change in their life which can make a big difference…

Moreover I care for the ones I love …Nature is not an exception….from now on I will be mindful of my trash and practice to live a sustainable ‘zero-waste life style’ as far as I can…

The reason behind sharing this post is I alone cannot completely find a solution for our mother earth’s problem but can be a part in finding a solution…..So as you…yes you !!… if you have a will and wish to make a change. Think about it and act as soon as possible. Let’s join hands together to make the World a better place to live.

So I wrap up with my saying

“Nurture the Nature,Life would Nurture”.

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