Exams on…


Rushing between school and class,

We have made the education a farce,

“to draw out” at loss…

Have been thinking about the process of examination now for a long time now. Is it to judge a person’s memory or his clarity of concept? Today it is more memorizing than clarity. The boards are now opening up to new thoughts and now a new dimension of application based questions has been added. Yet the problem of conceptual clarity is not being addressed.

Aren’t concepts important?

Aren’t students to be made to think on their own?

Shouldn’t we draw out the creativity within them?

Shouldn’t critical thinking be encouraged?

Shouldn’t analysis be the base of a students learning?

Education means “to draw out”.

I feel the students should enjoy this festival of exams. They should be not only willing but also enthusiastic about them. Exams should be about what they have learnt not how much they have learnt.

What do you all think? Waiting for your feedback too…

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I completely agree; however, content standards (required skills based on grade level) have been formulated so that children learn the age appropriate skills. Lots of studies have resulted in these age appropriate skills, and teachers prepare our children for a future, with them:)

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  2. David Lee Moser Mar 30, 2019 — 07:55

    As a life long educator, I am discouraged by the implications of end-of-year testing… So much of it is driven by the fact institutions don’t use anything but machine-scorable multiple choice tests that require one “right” answer to receive credit… any modem of creative thinking isn’t going to be measured… systems can’t seem to find any feasible way to measure what really matters.

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    1. Hmmm… David don’t u think it needs an overhaul

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      1. David Lee Moser Mar 30, 2019 — 08:15

        Most definitely,,, attended a workshop today where most of the time was spent discussing how to raise test scores… and the students’ performance becomes the end-all-be-all…. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any testing, but it’s ultimate goal should not be to teach kids how to take tests, which is a lot of what it’s become.

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