The Truth Behind Negative Feelings

Having negative feelings is not that of a bad thing at all….

Letting them cloud and consume you that you back down and succumb to what can be controlled, now that is bad.
Having doubts, having questions, or over thinking, none of this is bad. But drowning in them and shrinking and coiling because your self esteem is ruptured by them to an extent that you can’t try yo save yourself, now that is bad.

I have questions about my life. I doubt the choices sometimes. I feel pessimistic in what I do sometimes.
I over think because I hate it when things go wrong, especially when I had the chance to correct myself, but didn’t.

The truth is that we are all afraid- of failure, of losing ourselves and of pain.

Now this may be a cliché, but courageousness is not having absolute fear, but pushing through the fear…

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