A cage

“A cage that surrounds me
This rage that bounds me
I have lost my home
I have lost myself
Somewhere in this fake plastic world
Somewhere in these shiny dreams
It doesn’t feel good
It just makes me feel good
This modern warfare
This modern lie of freedom
And this childhood of mine
That I relive in doldrums
All my time is spent for some precious moments,
Which are filled with grievance
I started agreeing to disagree
I started hiding my ugly side
I started to bend the truth
And then again I am left alone to fight
As everything I am; has started to depart

It feels like I am using myself
I am regretful to this fate
I am destined to shine
But until I redeem my crimes
And its just another night
With its silence and dreams
This darkness will fade away
This life won’t be a play
You wont play a role
You will be the one
Who will write it..”


6 thoughts on “A cage

  1. Liked your peom. It’s a mental cage. Could relate to it.

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    1. anovicescribe Mar 28, 2019 — 22:54

      Hmm. A cage


  2. Beautiful 👌. Is that your click of the lone flower?

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    1. anovicescribe Mar 28, 2019 — 22:54

      All I can do is write sometimes 😅

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      1. Haha … I should have known better…😂😁

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  3. Wonderful poem! Best of luck, please don’t give up your writing, there is always a little time.

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