Past Tense

I want to live my life in the present

but my past intervenes without my consent.


Memories from a far-off time flood back

and I am unable

to defend myself from their attack.


The decisions I made all those years ago

now raise their heads and won’t let go.


What if? Is the most common question,

the answer only add to my depression.


I know I must learn from past mistakes

and pretend

what happened before was just an outtake.

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2 thoughts on “Past Tense

  1. David Lee Moser Mar 19, 2019 — 06:21

    I try to keep my head and my feet in the same place…sometimes easier said than done. Perhaps there’s a lesson those thoughts of the past are trying to bring to my attention. Above all else, I have to remember to breathe. — David

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  2. I often have thoughts of the past both good and bad. The ‘what if’ circles around in my head. What if I persevered and stayed in the relationship, or stayed at the best job ever in the outback. I have to tell myself not to waste time thinking about the past, you can’t go back and you can’t change it. I must think about a more positive future.


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