Overlooked love – Chapter 10 : Broken heart

Hey everyone !

Hope everyone are enjoying my story and I wanted to tell you all that you will be experiencing a different series of events from my next chapter .

You can read the previous chapter here Chapter 9

So ,here is another incident from my life .

Its been a couple of days, i didn’t recieve any message or call from Karthik. For the first two days it didn’t bother me much. Later i kept waiting for his message. I had so many things going on but the first thing is him, my Karthik. I kept staring at the phone. Everyone said I’m addicted to my phone but i knew its not the phone but my senior.

Wait why should i wait. I have always been the girl who breaks stereotypes. So let me start the conversation.
That moment with lots of happiness i started a conversation….
Anu: heloo!!
(Its been 90 minutes but he didn’t open the chat.)
Adhi, Ranjini and i went to a movie, beauty and the beast that evening. In between the movie i received a message from karthik. I opened the message.
Karthik: Good evening
Anu: how are you senior?
Karthik: fine
Anu: how did you do your i.a ?
Karthik : Not bad.
Anu: Okay.
( what happened to him. Why is he talking this way. Usually he used to make up conversations but he is just making replies. Theres a huge difference between talking and replying. What should i do now? Shall i ask him about that so called proposal?)
With all these thoughts in between the movie i continued the chat.
Anu: senior guess what im doing now?
Karthik: donno
Anu: im in theatre
Karthik: oh okay.
( Thats it im done😂. Let me ask directly. He is not going to tell anything. And i started …)
Anu: Senior..?
Karthik: yes anu
Anu: The other day you told me something do you remember..?
Karthik: hmm….
Anu: you even said me that you will cal after you complete your exams but you didn’t.
Karthik: i was busy anu.
Anu: okay.
(I notice the slightest vibe thats off, even if its through text, even like 3 words exchanged. I can sense him.)
Karthik: Are you free know?
(Defenitely not, im watching movie that to in a theatre. No anu dont do that no….but i didn’t…)
Anu: yeah senior. Im free…
(If its my senior asking how can i say him im busy)
Karthik: Anu i need to say you something.
Anu: okay… Whats the issue…?
Karthik: im sorry anu
Anu: senior what happened..?
Karthik: actually the other day….my friend was there next to me…
Karthik: I didn’t send that proposal message. It was my friend.

(i read the message i didn’t reply. Actually i wasnt able to speak.)

After 2 mins……

Karthik: anu are you there…?
Anu: yeah senior. May i know one think senior ji.
Karthik: yes
Anu: who is that friend ?
Karthik: sorry i cant say that
Anu: senior ji. I wont do anything just say his name.
Karthik: Its Neha.
( Neha reddy his close friend. Some guys in the college tease them as lovers, Next roll nos so they be together most of the time. Thats it i know about her.)
Anu: just say her not to do this to any other girl. It hurts a lot.
Karthik: she was teasing me…
(karthik typing..)
Anu: i dont want any explanation senior. Im just a junior girl. No need of your explanations. Leave me.
Karthik: forgive me..
( Forgive what ? The memories or my love. Both were impossible.)

Anu: its ok senior. Im used to😊. Bye..!!
The last 30 minutes of the movie, the most horrible moments which cant be explained by words. The moment where you want to cry out loud but you cant.
Later we didn’t speak for a week, i avoided the places where i could see him. I didn’t go to the library. One day i saw him in the parking area. He smiled at me from a distance. He greeted me. I smiled back. Tears rolled down my cheek. I couldnt understand him.
I came back to the hostel. I started shouting at adhi, “How can he wish me?” “How can he smile at me?” “Was it easy for him saying all those cute stuffs and leaving me like i meant nothing?”

Adhi smiled and said, ” Anu even if he hasnt smiled at you, you would have shouted the same way. But saying that he didn’t even smile at me. How can he be like this.”
(Yeah thats true😂😂but i couldnt take it that easily. How can he smile like nothing has happened.)
Its already been a week, exams are nearing. I hav to start preparing. Why should i avoid going to the library. I didn’t do any mistake, why should i run away? With these thoughts i decided to be normal again. But i didn’t want to speak with him again.
Next day i went to the library. I saw him but i didn’t speak to him.
(After an hour)
He came and sat next to me. He took my books and started marking important questions for the next exam. While marking he apologised to me.
Anu: senior you are very special for me. I didn’t mind it leave it.
Karthik: i like you so much anu. I know i have hurted you badly.
Anu: you have hurted me in a very special way senior. You came very close to me and left me like i meant nothing.
Karthik: Anuma i always like you and i care for you. Please talk to me. I want my old anu.
(A few minutes back i wished we never met, but now he is apologising and i am fool falling in love all over again.)
Anu: senior leave it im normal and see im smiling.

Karthik: do your exams well.
Karthik handed me my books, we touched with no idea of holding, i say its okay. But i wished forever knowing you are just a moment.
Its too hard to unlove him and too hard to forgive him. My mind said not to talk to him. But you know what we always ingnore what our mind says because we are focused on what our heart wants.

This is not the end , things got more worse but with few lovely moments about which I will tell in the next chapter .

Love ,

Anonymous girl

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