It’s All Action and Reaction in Life

Don’t you look at your life right now and just wonder how your life could have been if you had just made a different decision at a certain point in your life?
I know….don’t dwell in the past, blah blah blah…but I’m actually thinking about it right now, a lot.

I’m seated as I write this, and there are people around me. Lots of people. And I just can’t help it.
All memories seem to have been set free and they fall like the rain down in Africa; with rage.
I keep thinking, and wondering, and pondering.
I admit, regret is in the air, and I seem to inhale it and it flows in my veins.

There was this moment in my life I had a chance to bring change into my life, but I just sat in the back seat and just let it slide.

Not that it’s just…

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