Too much of anything spoils everything.
We were there, we had everything and one evening I saw for the last time sun kissing you goodbye, I looked into your eyes, I felt home.

What drifted us apart weren’t people, the reason was us, you, me. There was too much love that it overwhelmed us and gradually we fell out of it and eventually apart. We couldn’t survive so we blamed it on others so that guilt doesn’t hug us.

I didn’t forget you but I don’t remember you either. For times to come and some more if someone asks me what is love, the answer will still be you.

19 thoughts on “You.

  1. chrisbrittany Sep 1, 2018 — 16:37

    Lovely ❤

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  2. davidiclineage Oct 14, 2018 — 00:14

    “I am a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess”.

    I always saw the humor, but now I see the wisdom. Thanks for the insight.

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  3. Very nice writing style and interesting way at addressing the situation. Great job!!!

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  4. Wonderfully poignant!

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  5. I found this very moving, especially ” if someone asks me what is love, the answer will still be you” – really lovely :O) x

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  6. Reminds me of someone.
    Nice post, bro.
    I have been through the same thing and still working on it.😊

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  7. So connecting….loved it 👌

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