The Perfect You

I’ve been told no one is perfect,

but I think different.

Perfection isn’t facial features

or how great their body is,

It isn’t about the way they dress

or how they sweet-talk you.

Being perfect is about tolerating my mood swings sometimes.

It’s about telling me I look pretty when I have dark circles round my eyes.

It’s coming back to me whenever we fight and holding my hand instead of saying an empty sorry.

It’s about messing up and having the intention to fix those mistakes.

It’s knowing you never had a bad intention when you messed up and knowing I’m a priority to you.

It’s talking for long hours and working things out,

It’s telling me I’m wrong and helping me work things out the right way up in my head.

It’s knowing that everyone messes up sometimes, and that I won’t be judged for a slip-up.

It’s looking back and knowing you’ll be right there behind me.

Being perfect is trying constantly to become a better version of yourself, not a perfect person.


17 thoughts on “The Perfect You

  1. chrisbrittany Aug 24, 2018 — 18:00

    Well said 😇

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    1. My dedicated reader ☺️❤️❤️


  2. I love the lego people! Each of has our own view of perfection that directly correlates with what we view. Great post!

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    1. Thank you. I happened to stumble upon a series of lego cartooned pics that fitted well with my story 😄

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  3. Well said…heartfelt indeed 👍🏻🌺

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    1. Thank you, pleases me to have you say that ❤️

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  4. kansastoviva Oct 28, 2018 — 23:47

    Love this!

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    1. I am glad you do. 🌸

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  5. This is me, so your post is totally reassuring.

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    1. We all seem to be seeking perfection in one way or the other, it’s tiring to say the least. It’s ok having flaws.

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  6. Beautifully said! To add to that, I’d add something about everyone has their own challenges and us being perfect is over coming each of these challenges in a way that works for each of us.

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    1. yes! It has to work out for the two, if not, one would always have to sacrifice and in the long run, that takes it toll too!

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  7. Thanks for sharing…. 🙂

    “While you’re busy looking for the perfect person, you’ll probably miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy”.


    1. ‘The Perfect’ doesn’t exist.
      To realize that, start with you.
      How many times have you lied?
      How many times have you given into your selfishness?
      And still, with all your imperfections and blunders,
      you search for that who is perfect.
      You want to be put on a pedestal of glory,
      while stripping down others of their shame.
      You have to realize, you are as equally imperfect as the next person you criticize,
      and that is never shameful.

      ~This I wrote today.


      1. “The Perfect doesn’t exist”
        I agree.. 🙂

        “To realize that, start with you.”
        As for me… 🙂

        “How many times have you lied?”
        I have a greater peace of mind by being straightforward and truthful about myself, with open heart and mind, knowing the outcome being uncertain, rather than to wake up tomorrow morning and have to deal with a falsehood I told yesterday. 🙂

        “How many times have you given into your selfishness?”
        I accept what life and destiny has provided, nothing more.. “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back.” 🙂

        “And still, with all your imperfections and blunders”
        Yes, I do not stand in front of a mirror and start singing “How Great Thou Art”… 🙂

        “you search for that who is perfect.”
        Perfection does not exist in nature nor the universe, therefore I do not waste my time looking for something that does not exist… 🙂

        “You want to be put on a pedestal of glory,”
        I dislike pedestals because they are unstable and I am leery of heights… if I want glory I would not be here on WordPress but on Twitter with Trump and the gang… 🙂

        “while stripping down others of their shame.”
        The only person I “strip” is me just prior to taking a bath… as for other peoples feelings, they are already aware of how they feel, I don’t waste my time constantly reminding them.. 🙂

        “You have to realize, you are as equally imperfect as the next person you criticize,”
        I am a born again heathen with long hair, earrings and nails, independent, not into religion and venturing down the path least traveled, quoting Frank Sinatra; “doing it my way”… I know who I am… I do not consider myself knowledgeable enough about the next person to assume I can determine who they are, what they are, how they feel or what they believe… 🙂

        I wrote this today and I will write it every day… 🙂

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      2. wow 😳 Thanks for taking the time to analyze every line and reply back. I deeply appreciate your thoughts and I agree with most of them. That and your sense of humor too! 😂


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