The most mysterious place in the Universe !!

Space. A place filled with numerous mysteries in it which human venture and try to explore as much as we could with all our technologies. As far as many would have read and seen in movies, we all think that black holes and possibilities of aliens are the most mysterious and scary things out there. If you think so take a look at the BOOTES VOID.


In this picture, you will see a void surrounded by millions of galaxies. You might think there is nothing special in this. But when u take a look at its size, the Bootes Void is 330 million light years in diameter which is approximately 0.27% of the observable universe’s diameter. In a normal space of this span, it must contain at least 2000 galaxies in it. But this Bootes void(aka supervoid) contains only 60 galaxies in it which amaze the space scientists and raises the question of how much we know about our universe, its origin, and its behavior. There are various theories regarding the existence of such voids. But no one is sure of its origin and how such huge voids are created in our universe. This is one of those examples which tells how much complicated and mystery-filled our universe is !!


This image shows the observable universe and the various voids in our universe. There are several theories revolving around the supervoid. One theory says that galaxies try to gravitate towards each other creating spaces between them. But due to the few galaxy counts in this region, this theory fails to convince scientists who took an opposite approach out of this theory and stated that it’s the void, not the galaxies that come closer to form a larger void. There is another theory which makes this place even more mysterious filled one. According to this theory, there is some advanced alien civilization which used Dyson sphere to harness the energy of the stars in their solar system which traps the light coming out of the star and makes it invisible for the observers outside of the galaxy.dyson

This is one of the prototypes of how a Dyson sphere looks like. This is still an arguable and unrealistic theory but still one can not deny the fact this can also be possible since space can also contain other civilizations which can be far more advanced than our technologies. There can be many theories stating how the Bootes void might have come into existence, but no one is sure of these theories. The most mysterious place in our universe isn’t it !!

3 thoughts on “The most mysterious place in the Universe !!

  1. Very interesting 💖

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  2. Ramyani Bhattacharya Mar 19, 2019 — 20:21

    Wow. Amazing!

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    1. Thank you !!

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