When you start to believe in you, the world starts to pull you down.

2 possible ways to overcome this situation:

1. Start to run till the world wants you to stop.

2. Make yourself comfortable by praying and having good time in the heaven.

Better to be in depression, its better to be in heaven.

12 thoughts on “Life

    1. It should be!!!

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  1. A well expressive way to put forward great thoughts

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  2. anovicescribe Oct 18, 2018 — 14:41

    It’s a very limited view, I must say. Not that I am taking it in a negative way or judging…but you wrote it in a way to judge. And also you are giving options, or choices..that is kind of in itself defining depression to be a curse… It is but by oneself on oneself. But i liked it the way concluded it… Keep up!! Keep sharing!! 👍👍🙂

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    1. Thank you dude…

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  3. Human thinking is such a complex process !!. Thoughtful thoughts

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    1. Thank you ma friend


  4. There are benefits in a life that is full of good times and bad. Without the bad ones, or challenges we fact in life, we might never learn compassion for others. And once we have been through a challenge, it will not be so much of a challenge the next time as we know what the challenge is and how to deal with it. If we continue to make the same errors in our thinking and/or actions, we may be addicted to that life and its choices. Being depressed or living other negative states also keeps us going forward for the most part because some folks have to get very uncomfortable before they will move. In the end result, and I speak of someone who has now lived seven centuries, it is all good in one way or the other. The key issue is that WE have to be the ones who are responsible for our actions and responses toward others.

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    1. Correct anne. Infact we should face it.
      But if a good is happening due to a bad thing that u have faced in your life, people in a state of sorrow will usually avoid it.
      When we assume ourself , we regret to be in their situation.
      If you agreed to their situation, think that you are being surrounded by zombies where only a knife is available.
      Whats your go then?
      1. Kill the zombies till you breathe.
      2. Kill yourself to escape from them.
      3. Surrender yourself to them to kill others.
      Life too ,being more complicated but its in the hands of the actor who acts in it.
      Thats what i sense there.
      Anyways thank you for your suggestion.
      Ill take into account next time

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      1. Today I saw a Kung Fu film, and it was full of wisdom. One of the leaders spoke and noted that in order to be very good at Kung Fu, You had to release any thoughts or reactions from your mind such as anger or wanting to be better than your opponent. It is not always easy, but we must release the past, and not think about the future. I have written this somewhere before, but the past is over the minute you take your next breath, and when you exhale that breath, the future is gone too. We have but the now, for we are part of this earth and all that is in it. Everything we come in contact with, be it a person or a plant or even a grain of sand, is part of our world, and as such, ourselves as well.

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      2. Is it released?. We should realize our past and think about our future. Thats what the film usually means


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