“I love you” she said looking at the mirror

They told me love was how a father loved his daughter
How a mother loved her son
How Jack loved Rose
I wonder why nobody told me how my soul loved my body
How my eyes shed tears when my soul was hurt
How my lips smiled when my soul was happy
How my eyes glittered when my soul shone
I wish I was taught my type of self love stories

-Self love is also romance

I hope you people liked this poem for more such posts check my blog Happinessbuffet

13 thoughts on ““I love you” she said looking at the mirror

  1. Was ist Liebe ?

    ist ein BEKENNTNIS zweier Menschen,
    die LEBENSFREUDE zu teilen
    des anderen LAST mitzutragen …
    (C) PachT 2009
    Aus meinem Tagebuch (75.)

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  2. Interesting read👍

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  3. anovicescribe Oct 20, 2018 — 14:56

    Accepting oneself is in itself a start of something beautiful. And loving oneself is prerequisite for acceptance. 👌👌👍😊

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  4. Self love is awesome..nice 👌👌

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  5. Self love is acceptance. I disagree that such a notion need be romantic. The vicissitudes of necessity have brought low many a lover, and spared many a monster.

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    1. That’s the best part about us humans we are all different with different opinions.
      Lets agree to disagree.

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  6. Before you can consider loving another you have to learn to love yourself!

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