How to use Mirror Dimension to defeat our fears

Yeah! You read the topic right. It’s about how I use the Mirror Dimension in my daily life and manipulate the threats of the Real world and making my life more peaceful and successful and how you can too.

Well, if you are not a Marvel fan and know nothing about Mirror Dimension, Let’s have a quick brief. Mirror Dimension is a separate parallel dimension that mirrors Earth’s plane of existence, complete with same surroundings, where the change happening inside doesn’t affect the real world but you can get killed. To be more simple, it’s a box or boundary made of glass inside which the replica of real-world exists. Magicians mostly use this Mirror  Dimension to contain physical threats. And if you need more clarity, I would recommend you to watch the Dr.Strange Movie.


But the Mirror Dimension now you are going to learn doesn’t contain physical threats, rather it’s completely redesigned to contain and null out the emotional threats which form the base of peace and success. The Moment you enter into a mental constraint, you can switch from reality to Mirror Dimension and deal with your psychological enemies without affecting the real world like your career, family, friends etc,.

Well, I’m not a Magician or Sorcerer Supreme to access the Mirror Dimension just like that, but I have been trying to master in using this art for peace and success of normal people. And it’s quite easy if you too start practicing. Now let’s get into ways on how to tap this Dimension and access its advantages.

The first and important step is knowing that you are into a mental mix-up and identifying the exact issue that is making your reality a mess. Most people fail at this initial stage, more importantly in identifying the issue. We get unstable and continue to be unstable without even knowing what makes us unstable. So picking out the one thing that tries to topple us, is the first step.

Now, the second step is creating the mirror dimension. You can sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. I want you to start creating the mental image of a place where you feel more stronger. It’s better to have an image of a place where you have lived rather than some imaginary place as it helps you to have better clarity. It could be a gym, a playfield or anything.

Well, the third step is giving that mental mess a shape that you can relate to. Mostly a mystical figure you hate. Now just use your powers, whatever you want them to be like a big sword or a sand I want you to destroy them. As simple as that, but this step needs a lot of practices to bring this effect in reality too or else you keep them destroying them in mirror dimension and they keep reappearing in reality, the next moment. So be accurate and have that deep feeling of destroying a thing that tried killing your peace and happiness.

Once, you destroyed them stay in the mirror dimension for a while and give your reality without that mental mess a gaze. Realize how wonderful and beautiful it is. Embrace that sense of happiness and peace and slowly come out of the Mirror Dimension and give a warm smile for yourself.


This is how I exactly destroyed most of my fears and as I said, I’m still mastering this art to destroy some huge and stronger mental enemies. And I believe that’s what a true warrior does, he puts on the shield and gets ready to fight new enemies every day. I fight them every day and with each new cuts, I smile and learn. 

The moment I recognize a new enemy, it’s so usual for me to say –

“Hey! Mr.New Mess, Let’s meet in the Mirror Dimension”  

The End. And I smile Warmer. 


© 2018 DevEuge and InsightHub

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9 thoughts on “How to use Mirror Dimension to defeat our fears

    1. Thank you 🖤


  1. Thank you 🖤😍


  2. anovicescribe Aug 22, 2018 — 19:02

    I am ready for endeavours in mirror dimension. Thanks for this awesome article. 👌👌👍👍

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    1. Thank you . I wish you all success and peace .

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  3. Very interesting!👍 I think I have to try it.😀

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    1. Yeah you should definitely 👍 Wishing you all success and peace 😊

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  4. As a Marvel fan, I loved reading this and this is such a great technique and a useful read!!

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    1. Thank you 🖤😁


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