One Step At a Time…


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OK, let us all admit that Yoga is difficult. I know if you are from India almost everyone outside India thinks that all Indians know Yoga but that is not the case. So back to my point, Yoga is hard, but I try. I attend classes now and then, also try to practice at home sometimes.

So, the gym I usually go to or at least try to go to has a lot of group classes, of which there was a class called BUTI. I was very curious to attend the class and finally I made it to class. While waiting to enter the room, there was a girl to who I asked about the class and she said it is yoga but much faster; this made me more curious.

Finally, I settled in the class and I was very eagerly waiting to start the class. We started with small momentum and then the speed increased. The class started slow yoga positions, then it went onto power yoga and then we started on kind of a tribal dance. There is a lot of twerking involved which was very funny at least when I was doing it as I was not able to twerk.

The twerking was in different yoga positions which was more difficult to do. So, when I look at the instructor doing it, I feel like, Oh, I got this, and I start doing and as I look towards the mirror obviously I was doing a completely different movement. It was hilarious.

The instructor was a fit person like size zero and me here, well, let’s say just opposite to her. The one thing I do not understand is why are they so fit, it gives me such a complex to do the steps. Her transitions were so smooth, her abs were on point, her position was crisp. So rather than motivation there was a lot of insecurity rising within me.

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By the end of the class, I was tired with exercise and low self-esteem. All I could think was why did I come to the class? I was better off lazing at home on my bed with laptop and some series playing in the background.

And then the instructor told us if you are new to the class, you may feel it is very difficult but hang in there and come more often, you will get a hold on it and you will enjoy it. I looked around and I see all of them to be tired like I was. The only difference, I was comparing myself to others and thinking that is where I must reach.

But the truth of the matter is I must just take one step to move forward, one extra effort to motivate myself today and one step towards betterment of myself and all I must make sure that my today looks better than my yesterday.

Comparison with others and Compromise on your potential does not get you anywhere. Focus on yourself. Practice and hard work will take you to a higher level where talent sometimes cannot reach.

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