Love is Difficult!!

Musing over endlessly about my unsung hero,
thoughts ran through the hovering mind.

Sometimes it is hard, to reserve & preserve your gut instincs & put out your heart!

Because love is hard in its very nature – complicated & knitted deep by emotions.

Perhaps that’s why people don’t love all – always.
Because its a blend and also an impossible amalgam.

It is hard to contain the feeling, to pamper it in your soul, to fuel it in your thoughts, to amplify it in your desires, to cuddle it in your believes, to reciprocate it with reverence, to forgive without intentions, to proliferate it with your selflessness, to trust it with your soul,to keep it all locked in – to hold a sea of love & carry it all along with you throughout your life!

Without having a speck of that feeling expressed,
Without sharing a bit of those thoughts,
Without requiring the other person to love back,
Without having to expect anything,
Without having the need to be accepted,

There is still a mountain of sacred emotions that she contains.
Which sometimes somehow escapes through her tender smiles or through her longing eyes !!!

As I said – Love is Difficult

– Charumathi. M

5 thoughts on “Love is Difficult!!

  1. That certainly seems to be one perspective!

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  2. Man kann auch eine gewisse SCHWERE mit LEICHTIGKEIT bewältigen !

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