In Our House Se Habla Español

Although it’s not our first language, my husband and I both speak Spanish. We actually met because of it! But, that’s a cute/ mushy story for another post. Today, I want to reach out to the blogging community for some tips/ advice about how to incorporate our love of Spanish into our baby girl’s life. 

Just a little background: My husband and I both studied Spanish in college and we both lived in Spain for an extended period of time. We know how hard it can be to learn a second language as an adult (or adolescent, at least). So, we want to give our daughter a leg up and start introducing her to Spanish right now!

We’ve heard of the “one parent one language” idea- where one parent speaks to baby exclusively in one language and the other parent in the other (for example, my husband would speak to Norah in Spanish and I would speak to her in English).

I’m skeptical of this approach, though.

For one, I want to speak to her in Spanish as well! Making our home 100% Spanish is also an option, but there is something about the “mother tongue” coming from mom that seems important to me.

So basically, I’m just being difficult at this point. 

We plan on reading to her in Spanish. And when she gets older I want to do activities in Spanish, things like making grocery lists or singing songs, etc.

Does anyone out there in the blogging universe have experience they’d be willing to share with bringing up baby in a bilingual home? Has anyone tried the one parent/ one language thing? Any and all feedback would be so appreciated!


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13 thoughts on “In Our House Se Habla Español

  1. Hello there, Mama! I am Puerto Rican, living in PR. And my kids haven’t visited US nor any English speaking country. (Thou, I took my daughter when she was 8mo for an 8 days vacation to FL -where everybody around us was speaking Spanish- and it doesn’t count, lol.) My daughter is 7 and my son is 4. They both speak more English than Spanish sometimes. What we did was expose them to as many English kids show as we could. Also, we read a lot in English. We also used a lot of art related activities while teaching phonics and sensory activities. The problem I have now is that my 4 yo -sometimes- doesn’t want to speak in Spanish!! Can you believe that? As they pick up reading, add captions in mother language, then switch to Spanish captions so they can start relating sound to how they are supposed to be written and eventually, remove them to make them sharpen their audition.
    Let us know about the process! Good luck!

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    1. PD: I have only been twice to FL (8 days vacation on each trip.) This is how our mom (non English speaker) taught us English 😁

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    2. minimalistmama22019 Mar 11, 2019 — 22:31

      Thanks so much for the reply and advice! Sounds like you guys did a great job! I would love if my little one spoke more Spanish than English. 😊 we will definitely be looking for Spanish speaking friends for our baby girl and make sure to do activities in Spanish. Especially reading and sound related ones.
      Thanks again!!

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      1. Thanks to you, for posting and letting us know we are not alone in this kind of “struggles” if we might call it somehow. Good vibes!

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      2. The exposure to Spanish/bilingual speaking children is great! Kids learn from other kids a lot easier. My Ezra learns new words when he gets back from church every week.

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    3. Hi, that’s awesome! Sensory bilingual activities are so effective.


  2. Hi, I’m Natalia a bilingual mom with a masters degree in Spanish and a certified Spanish translator. I love that you guys are encouraging your daughter to learn Spanish. Kids are sponges at an early age. I love your book selection also! I have a billingual blog @bilinguallifestyle -I post here on wordpress, but more active on instagram. I am constantly sharing about our bilingual adventures, bilingual books with giveaways and free bilingual resources. I would love to connect! My husband and I are both bilingual in Spanish and English. He knows some French and I know some German, so we plan on implementing more languages also. Let me know how else I can help. Definitely, check out the resources I post on instagram and facebook 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment!! I’ll definitely have to check our your blog and instagram! I’ll do that right now. =) And that’s great about implementing more languages. My husband is currently learning Portuguese and he’s always speaking to her in it. I’m planning on starting Italian sometime in the next couple years, so hopefully we’ll work that one in, too! Can’t wait to see what resources you have on your accounts!


      1. Those are great languages. They are close to Spanish so that makes it easier also. I took some Italian in high school and a I liked it. Thank you so much! Glad to be connected 🙂 Love supporting bilingual families! Any questions or ideas you’d like to share let me know for sure!

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  3. Hey! I’m Mexican/Canadian and I grew up in a household that did the one-parent approach. My mom being from Mexico, did the whole Spanish thing with me and my dad, the English part. I also went to school in the French Immersion program, so I also spoke another language there as well. Not to mention, my brother was born deaf so I could sign before I could even speak. Regardless, the one-parent method worked great, and both parents were involved in my language skills.
    I am now married with kids myself, and I also doing the one-parent approach. Although, I’m not as consistent as my parents were with the Spanish, because my husband is actually Filipino and doesn’t speak Spanish… YET! haha. It can be tricky, but definitely worth it!! My languages are the best gifts my parents could have ever given me.
    I will also be writing a post about this on my blog page in the near future with resources and strategies, as it has become my career and I am now a French Immersion teacher. 🙂 Buena suerte, mama!!

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    1. Wow! That’s amazing that you were able to learn so many languages! I’ve always wanted to learn sign language, but it’s surprisingly hard to find classes. 😢
      Thank you for your feedback! It’s great to hear about the one parent method from someone who has both lived and used it!
      Gracias!!! 😊❤️

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