How to know if your baby is ready for daycare

I am a stay at home mom, my baby girl is now 10 months old, I know my baby, and I can see that she is not getting enough stimulation at home, I can also see that I am running out of ideas as to how to keep her busy during the day. She gets so excited when she sees other babies or kids. I must add that we live in a rural area, and she also does not see other people but us (except for the occasional visit to my parents or friends) , and then she gets overstimulated by all the excitement of people and malls, its a horrible viscous circle.

So I made the decision to take her to daycare, we live far away from a town, so I decided to take her to the town where my moms lives and only once a month for a few days, just to socialize. Boy that first day I honestly though I made a mistake (I know a lot of you are with me on this one), the crying almost made me turn around to fetch her, luckily I spoke to some moms before the time that said all babies cry the first day and I must just give it time.

The second day I was so nervous to take her , she cried again, and by the time I was out the door she stopped. When I fetched her the woman said it went so much better and my baby girl even smiled at the teacher when we left, they even did little footprint artwork at school that day and I got to take it home. I have never been so proud of ANYTHING in my whole life , that little footprint is on my fridge and I will keep if forever !

After that very long story; all I want to say is that every baby and every situation is different , not all babies benefit from daycare and not all moms can afford to stay home with their babies, follow your instincts, you know your baby best (no matter what the in-laws might say or even your husband), do what you think is best, because most of the time you are right !

I am so glad I decided to do that, and I cant wait to take het again ! 🙏🏻❤️

Don’t let anyone make you feel like less of a mother or that you are doing the wrong thing thing with your child, EVER ! I speak from experience when I say that it is a slippery slope , and soon you will be second guessing yourself around every corner, and you know what ? Life is too short for that nonsense ! If your baby is happy and smiling , who cares what anyone thinks !

4 thoughts on “How to know if your baby is ready for daycare

  1. Your so right, it’s true. Everyone likes to give their own and stick their little bit in, but noone really knows what’s best and what your baby wants and needs like you do. You are the one the spends most of your days and nights with her, and know her the best. Sometimes you need to learn to just let comments of others pass from one ear to the other. I used to let it bother me, now I don’t care I just say ok … And continue my own way

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  2. You hit the nail on the head. My daughter spent the first 3 months I went back to work her my father-in-law. It was great and we didn’t have the expense of daycare but it was not best for her. She was not napping during the day and was fussy when we got home because of it. She developed a bond with him that I love but deep down daycare was something I knew she needed. She is very active and a visual learner. She needs LOADS of stimulation. I received a ton of negative pressure from my husband, his parents, and even mine who live 30 hours away. In the end, it was the right decision. I am glad I stuck to my guns instead of giving into the pressure. I guess that motherhood for you.

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    1. Well done for not giving in ! You know whats best for your baby ❤️ glad everything worked out 👌🏻


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