Bad Liar/ Reputation


She is real rude
She is humorous humiliating
She is unique fake
She is loved spoilt
She is a self loving self- centered person
She smokes, drinks and parties like you and others is a slut and a brat
She is hard working lucky
She does not justify when we confront her, because she knows you won’t trust her she is guilty

Is everything that glitters is gold ? .
Not everyone with a bad reputation is actually bad.
So you still think she is really nasty, aloof, antagonistic, callous, rude ? .

-People with bad reputations have the best stories to tell

Ignore all hatred and criticism
Live for what you create
and Die protecting it
-Lady Gaga


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4 thoughts on “Bad Liar/ Reputation

  1. temperate5kat Feb 24, 2019 — 21:11

    I’m confused.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. happinessbuffet Feb 24, 2019 — 21:18

      Why ?


      1. temperate5kat Feb 24, 2019 — 22:01

        I think I get it, despite our best efforts, there’s going to be people who think the worst, but it doesn’t dim our shine, am I right?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. happinessbuffet Feb 24, 2019 — 23:15



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