Adjustment Phase

The other night I was watching the show Working Moms on Netflix with my husband. If you have never heard of it, here is the synopsis. The story is about 4 mothers who are at the end of maternity leave and their struggle to return back to work and getting their lives back in order. Each mother is struggling with a different postpartum issue and utilize each other to help them get through each roadblock they face.

The show touches upon the expectations to appear as if women are supposed to have everything together. We can have the baby, career, sex life, and keep our emotions in check at all times. If you breastfeed and go back to work with your pump, forget it! Your bosses do not want to touch that with a ten foot pole. We almost get ridiculed for have the audacity to pump during the workday because we choose not to feed our baby formula. We are told countless times to put our family first but when we do, we are scorned at. If we do not return with the same tenacity and loyalty as before we left, we are considered weak. Why? So I had a baby and may be an emotional ticking time bomb, but I have the same work ethic and priorities as before I gave birth.

All in all I highly recommend the show to all my mommy friends. You’ll be laughing going, “Yup! That’s me!” So pour yourself a glass of wine (you deserve it) or some ice cream. Whatever makes you happy and relaxed, turn on Netflix and just relax as you watch other mothers go through the day you’ve just h

1 thought on “Adjustment Phase

  1. I’ll have to check it out! … With a large glass of wine! … & chocolates! 🍷🍫❤


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