Singularity of mind

The dreading idea of cutting my hairs
Came from within the thought lair
Wanting to loose this heaviness I feel in my head
I tried to loose some weight by cutting my hair

Alas, I reached the salon
Lest, I intrude
Watching him trim with trimmer
It sent chilling down my spine, I shivered

Second thoughts were engulfing my mind
As the moment came closer I started to fight
Though my mind was taking some damage
My heart was leading the rampage

I looked in the mirror
It was looking good and comforting
The way my hairs are
But the weight I felt disturbing

I realised this sweet nothing
And I felt this pleasure through pain
Like a vine twined on surface
I admitted to being a slave

Though I cut my hair
The weight I felt was still there
It was like a balloon
Filled and surrounded by same air


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