Sitting in the back seat, looking at the roads, cars, people, some going home some off to a journey. I wonder if all these people feel lucky to be alive.
We often forget to enjoy little moments in the search for something more magnificent. I look at you, sitting besides me, looking at the road we are on, I wonder what are you thinking.
It’s the complexity of human mind who even though on the same path can have different perception.
I look at you again, I smile, I live.

Maybe that’s what we are supposed to do, constantly be in search of something, bettering our lives leaving ruins behind.
How we change songs soothing to our mood, how we cry in pain and laugh in happiness and when in love we tell the person how much they mean to us.
Humans are selfish, they fall in and out of love so many times, it’s mechanical now.
But I look at you, humming your favourite song out the window, I smile, I believe.

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