Politically Correct

The torch has been passed 

to the next generation.

Be afraid what you say

or political correctness

will get a mention.

Dare hold a door

for a young lady,

you risk it being slammed

in your face, with the 

accusation that your

motive was shady.

Things you found humorous

are now all out of date.

Try not to laugh

or it may seal your fate.

These day it’s better

to remain quiet,

for no matter what you say

you know it won’t be right.

man standing beside convertible
Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius on Pexels.com


4 thoughts on “Politically Correct

  1. It’s a confusing time, no doubt. Transitions from generation to generation are head scratchers. We can just hope we live long enough to see history play out and hopefully gain some understanding of it all. Great poem😊

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  2. I work at a high school. People, regardless of generation or gender, hold the door for those behind them or for those who are carrying a burden. There is not so much either chivalry or overwrought “correctness”. There is only courtesy and a sense of everyone’s dignity.

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  3. It’s tiresome. I don’t even care about doors, but politics themselves… i feel this all has led to Trump. And now his opponents are in a circle shooting each other while he gets to be an asshole without consequences.

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