Kindness starts with saying a NO.

Kindness, What a marvelous word to be heard. It’s one of the basic characteristics of a good human. We evolved from an era where kindness actually existed into an era where we wear apparels with signs of “Be Kind” and “Being Human“.

Even in this ” Hashtag Be Kind ” era, We can divide us into two groups of people on the basis of how Kind we are. The First one is “Complete Kind” and the other is “Partially Kind“. This difference between the two group is actually made by Balance of two factors namely, “How kind we are to ourselves” and “How kind we are to others“. To be more precise, these two factors determine how successful an individual is going to be.

But really, Is kindness and success related to each other? Yeah! They are related a lot more than what we all think and they influence our life in an ample number of ways than we imagine. Let’s see how they are related through the types of kindness.

Partially Kind Persons (PK): These people are a lot concerned about being Kind to others and they forget to be kind to themselves. They are mostly people pleasers. The moment it comes to pleasing someone, they jump into the party without second thoughts. They never say the word “No” when it comes to pleasing people.


Complete Kind Persons (CK): These people clearly know when to be kind to others and when the kindness is needed for their own self. They have a balance between pleasing them and pleasing others. They give a lot of thought before jumping to please a person. They occasionally or frequently use the word “NO”.

Now, Most of you would have understood how this kindness character affects our success. It’s about having that balance for you and for others. It’s about hearing your inner voice while your friends call for a party or something. Take a moment listening to that inner voice, Does it want you to stay and do something important? If yes, say a “NO” to your friends and do what it takes to please your own self. Be kind to yourself.

And that’s why people who are Complete Kind, who prefer to be kind to themselves too, who knows that balance between them and others, end up being successful. I always liked this Steve Jobs quotes about saying “No”. He said

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully”



The moment you start giving kindness to yourself, you will hear yourself better and you know what you want clearly and just as saying “yes” to others to please them, you will start saying “yes” to yourself. When you start telling yes to yourself, you are gonna get time and all the resources for your dreams. So the Moment you start being kind yourself, all the things are gonna fall in line and you are gonna drive that path of success and happiness.

So, Go start being Complete Kind and start Winning.


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5 thoughts on “Kindness starts with saying a NO.

  1. Pretty awesome man!! Something that I need to follow. Thanks for the interesting article!!👍👍

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    1. Yeah man !! All the best for your success 🖤

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  2. Beautiful piece mate !!
    Loved reading it


  3. That was a lovely read I will give some thought to 😁


  4. Nicely done! ❤️🦋🌀


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