Karma is a mirror

Remember that time when things didn’t work out well?
When your plans backfired and you cursed Karma and said “KARMA IS A BITCH!”
How is Karma a bitch if it only gives us back what we do to others?
Aren’t we bitches?
When things go wrong don’t blame karma, it just gave you the taste of your own medicine.
Had you been good that day you would have received good and I am sure you would have never praised karma calling it an angel, so don’t blame karma but yourself.

-For every action there is an equal reaction

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6 thoughts on “Karma is a mirror

  1. There’s an opposite and equal reaction. You make a very good point here!!

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    1. happinessbuffet Mar 6, 2019 — 23:30

      Thank you!!

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      1. You very welcome 🙂

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  2. This makes me so happy 🤗 thank you!

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  3. So beautifully you have summarised. You have a way with words. Wonderful.

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