Falling asleep

and ready to dream.

Hoping this time

for nothing extreme.

Just nice memories

of a time gone by

not reasons

to wake and wonder why.

Escape to a world

that is better than this.

Where I can hide

from my nemesis.

concrete bridge over clear blue river beside mountain
Photo by Janez Podnar on


4 thoughts on “Nemesis

  1. Aren’t we all our biggest nemesis in one way or another, traveling through the days, weeks, month, and years constantly asking, why can’t I get out of my own way? Sounds like your moving in the right direction – just don’t hide for too long, eventually they’ll stop looking. Great work, thought I’d chime in a bit. Be well.

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    1. parikhit dutta Mar 5, 2019 — 18:26

      We are our biggest nemesis! That’s so true! And isn’t it all inside the head, than outside. Quite a predicament to train the head but ain’t impossible either right.

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