Before Telling Her…

Before telling her, her place in the society
Before telling her, that she should be at your feet,
and that her eyes must be down, when she smiles,
Before telling her, what to wear and what to drink,
Before telling her, how she should walk and talk
and whether she should sleep with her lover or not,
Before judging her by her make-up, dress or habits,
Before concluding that she is a virgin, slut or interested,
Before desiring her down your heavy body
and before claiming that, it was she who shouldn’t have touched while laughing or accepted to drink,
Before thinking of fucking her or not!!

Just first conclude and judge, who you are?
Are you a beast hungry for breasts?
Are you a vampire hungry for not neck but vagina?
Do you have- just- dick and balls, with no humanly heart or brain?
Will you be ready to be touched by some women,
whom you are not- not- at all interested in and
who took your laughs as a sign! Yes??
Probably, you are just a toy or machine, made for pleasure giving?
Probably you are just a perv with no respect for anyone! (and not just women).
Hey! are you a psychopath? Maybe?

© Ritika Gupta

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