There’s no privacy

Many of the people don’t like to give out any personal information to strangers. They think their information could be misused in one way or another. Am I right? But have you ever thought that why we give this information so quickly to the internet companies like Google, Facebook or Instagram? Knowing the fact that they keep this information forever?………

I saw many people on the internet and in real life that they are too much concerned about their private information. I keep on my experiments with it and ask people to tell their Instagram or Twitter handles, and what I found is that many people simply say that they do not use Instagram or Twitter or whatever (Oh really?). I wonder that why they have such kind of attitude? Maybe they want to keep themselves Private. But where is the Privacy? Where?……. Is there any privacy on the internet?🤔🤔……..

The Facebook is stealing the users’ data. Twitter handles keep hacking,.Read More……

B. M.

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