The Cost

The lies that you spread
don’t disappear once you are dead.

The hurt that you inflict
can be impossible to predict.

The hatred that you created
can never be negated.

The love that you have lost
will be at your own cost.

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10 thoughts on “The Cost

  1. anovicescribe Nov 15, 2018 — 07:02



  2. Nicely written, great words ❤
    Please visit my page and spread love.


  3. Wonderfully profound!

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  4. Bri with the thoughts Nov 16, 2018 — 00:53


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      1. Bri with the thoughts Nov 17, 2018 — 13:54

        Lol yes I love your poem!

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  5. Beautiful. Soulful. ❤️🦋🌀

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  6. Omg. The date of the first comment on here… oh dear. The message of this poem gives me anxiety… But.. I am trying to do things right. I often fail though. But.. is it not worth much to even try?


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