Mindset of a Traveller – 1

The caption above is the best I have seen in the last few days. The fire flames at the bottom of the picture explains the caption very aptly. “Carry only what you need for the journey”.

Humans seldom think about,

WHAT loads are they carrying with oneself?

WHY am I cThe path covered by light\nThe path of unveiling the unknown\nThe path of Truth, MY truth, OUR Truth, THE Truth.arrying, what I am?

HOW difficult the travel is going to be?

WHICH thing will help me reach faster?

WHEN will I reach?

WHERE will I reach?

The above questions can be asked in any random manner, but it is the answers which are very important. These questions help us decide our mindset. These questions help us decide the rights and wrongs in our life. These questions are like the light house of our journey. At any phase in life, we just need to sit down, lay back and think about the answers.

The answers might be one word, a sentence or even a paragraph, again to each it’s own, but they will lead us unto a path

The path covered by light

The path of unveiling the unknown

The path of Truth, MY truth, OUR Truth, THE Truth.

The other day, I saw a family travelling by train. As we were just besides each other, we started talking. During our conversation, I came to know that they are travelling to a hill station for their weekend holidays. But looking at their luggage, I had an impression of a long travel and stay. I asked the man, the reason for carrying so much luggage. He just said that it’s needed for two whole days. I didn’t argue. But I started thinking. Is this luggage needed? Are we going for fun or changing clothes every 2/3 hours. But then I realised that everyone does this. There was a time when a couple of Pants and Shirts would suffice for a trip for 4/5 days and nowadays we carry independent clothes for each day. What happened to the concept of washing clothes? Lost in bewilderness.

Whenever I see some visitors just carrying a rucksack with a few clothes and a bare minimum necessities, am reminded of my childhood days. I think we have lost the essence of travelling. In no way do I have any problems with dressing up, I myself love to dress up but let us ask the questions I asked at the beginning before we begin our travel.

My dear readers,

isn’t it the same with our lives, the biggest travel on earth?

Am I not a traveller on this Earth too?

And do I not have a mindset of my own?

Do I not carry the luggage of like and dislikes, mines and yours, happiness and sadness and many more?

Do we ever think about these things or are simply don’t care?

Think and reply and that would be my next blog depending on the answers shared by you all.

I want to make an interactive blog this time and start a thinking process amongst our brains and want you all to put your thoughts down and share. Will share them in the 2nd blog which I will write on these questions.

So let the conversation begin…

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4 thoughts on “Mindset of a Traveller – 1

  1. The journey is part of the adventure, but what happens upon arrival at our destination? I agree with the concept of traveling light. It requires you to be innovative and resourceful. I think that is a mindset required of a traveler.

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    1. Tysm for contributing and giving your valuable input


  2. Ramyani Bhattacharya Mar 1, 2019 — 10:52

    A very nice post. Loved reading it!😊

    Liked by 1 person

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