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Hey guys! Read this up. I hope you will find this very interesting. Do follow me for more. 😊

Tryst with Mind

Hey, today I am going to share something interesting. Well it’s just purely my opinion and outlook towards the society. Anyone can disagree with me. Please let me know about your thoughts in the comment section and patiently read up! 😊😊

Have you ever thought why we feel certain things?
Why are there certain feelings assigned to certain incidents?
Why do you feel sad, for example when you see or read tragedies or tragic endings and feel joyous for happy endings? Why do you laugh at comedies?

Being a sociology student myself, I can, but reason to an extent and try writing the answers to these questions.

From the day we are born, the society takes us over, moulding us according to its standards, making us skilled in the ways of our culture from an innocent infant.

That is the reason people and their ideas are somewhat society-specific, as particular…

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