I haven’t seen you
Since that day
When our freedom was slayed
at the hands of Internet

I miss those golden days
When we used to send postcards
We were so curious to receive them back
Now extinct at the mercy of internet

We used to meet everyday
Now we are trapped indoors
I feel suffocated
By being bed ridden

We just tweet and WhatsApp
Our worries and insecurities nowadays
Waiting for unknown to respond
To these whims better left to oneself

I know it has made things so easy
Like talking and sharing photos and selfies
I know it is the golden age of humanity
But more I see it being abused by internet insanity

People are becoming less and less healthy
They play games in their beds and accomplish their operation stealthy
People have become ditzy and lazy
They feel they have conquered the world by being internet frenzy

They share there experiences on Phones and tablets
They call themselves pioneer of future
They teach babies about these freebies
Rather than respect and care

Who am I to tell you about these things
As we are connected
Through the same means
But what concerns me is
We should set and define our priorities
First thing we see in the morning
Should be the beauty that surrounds us
People that love us
And acknowledge the fact that we are alive
One thing we can do
Wake up and smile


3 thoughts on “IoT

  1. Whoop!!!! High five and a little boogie dance of joy! You truly have left your novice days behind you, Journeyman scribe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. anovicescribe Feb 4, 2019 — 16:00

      Hey thank you Kalliope. Much appreciate your feedback. Always a pleasure to here from you. 😊😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. vidhyalakshmi srinivasan Mar 1, 2019 — 11:39

    Very Nice!


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