I went to a funeral when I was a kid. The body lying on the woods wrapped in white. Screams, crying and silence of some people. There was so much pain. I never went to a funeral after that, I didn’t dare to.

Where does all the pain go ? Why after everything in the end we are left with silence. Humans so beautiful, so damaged. I believed in hope once or twice, but the further I went, the far it swayed and in the end there was just a revised version of lonliness, a new taste of sadness, a new colour of silence.

I look at you, I believe in hope, for a moment I savour what happiness feels like. All these days we tried to be happy. We also read 101 ways to be happy but it didn’t work. It was wise of you to leave afterall something’s don’t cure. There was undefined silence. Again.

I think of ending it all at once, I close my eyes; a failed life plays. I don’t want it to end like this. There must be some kind of pocket happiness of my share. I need to make it happen.
I look at her and I believe in hope. Again.

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