Overlooked Love Chapter 9 – the Start of something beautiful ♥️

I hope you guys are having good time and I hope you read the previous chapters. This is a story that I have lived and living. Thanks for giving your time. 😊😃

You can read the previous chapter here – Chapter 8

Gathering all my courage as I turned on mobile data, there were three messages from him. I was hesitant to open them. Gush of thoughts were rushing in my mind.
(Whether he would think bad of me? Will any girl say it this frankly? Will he lose interest in me? Did I spoil our relationship?)

I opened them…

Karthick: Ahaaaaaannn..!!…..6.30p.m

“after 5 mins”

Karthick: Where have you gone..?…..6.35p.m

Karthick: Did you reach home safely?…6.40pm

Again what is he talking about….literally I have accepted my liking for him…

but what these ‘ahaans’ mean ?

What should I perceive from this…? Whether he likes me or he doesn’t…?

After a minute again my mind said, ‘If he doesn’t like me why would he ask me, why I went online, is he interested too…’

And again after a minute my mind playing games, repeated, ‘Oh!!! this is so stupid. He might be bored that’s it.’

And after a minute, ‘Why would he care for me? Why is he so concerned about me. Why is he inquiring about my safe arrival…?’

And after a minute, ‘He is still my friend. Why am I so confused… there’s nothing in it. I just said him. He is matured enough to understand that. And he wont judge me based on it.’

Yeah now you understand right why they say girls can imagine 100 things in one moment. Yeah I too acted so girly😂. One minute I was happy the other I was sad and hope so you are also confused😜.

We still were close. Those 10 days holidays were the best.. I’m not able to explain what made us feel close. Late night chats, sharing the darkest secrets, flirty texts, happy memories, we were making memories that would be our treasure and whenever we would think, a smile would follow.

Later our college reopened, the beginning of our new semester, the start of my overlooked love too ♥️.

Wait for the best part of my story in the upcoming scenes..

The first day, I didn’t see him. I was busy, he was too. Later that evening, I got a text from him.

Karthick: Oi..why didn’t you attend the class today?

Anu: Senior, who said so..?

Karthick: I havent seen you today.

Anu: haha….!! So it doesnt mean I didn’t come. Does it!!? 😂😂

Karthick: Yeah, I searched for you everywhere but didn’t get to see you. I even saw adhi and sona…

Anu: What is this senior😂 I came to the college. Do we see each other daily..? What is this, you are asking new questions nowadays.?

Karthick: Naah!! Its been a long time right..I thought of seeing you.

(Whats this? Now what happened to my senior😂why is he so curious to see me. This long holidas had been there earlier. And now whats so special. But I was feeling happy inside, you know what I mean..😉)

Later we started going to the library in the evening hours.

Initially we came to study but later we would go just to see eachother. Yeah we studied too, about each other!! We didnt sit together but we sat in a way that we both could catch that glimpse of each other.

Our eyes spoke thousands of stories which only us and the books there knew. The way he sees me forgetting to read and the way I command him to see the book. Just our eyes knew and the books do. Not even the library walls could hear us. Even eyes could speak love, then I realised.

Later, while entering the library everytime he would sit next to me. He would speak something or the other. Take my book advices me to read different stuffs. There were many moments where we both blanked out and forgot the chapter. Those were the moments we started the chapter of our love story, may be.

By 9’o clock, the library is closed usually. And there we close only our books. But not the book of our love tale. Everyday within 15mins I receive a text reading

“Did you reach the hostel?”

From here, we again would start our tale and end it until our eyes fall asleep. I am not a night person but everything changed.
(A practical girl too gets mad when she falls in love.)

Those were the days I was addicted to phone. Just to be more precise addicted to him. His texts. The way he talked. The way he would find ways to make me smile. His jokes. And everything else.

I never needed a reason to be happy when I was around him.

We were in the verge of almost. Almost what i dont know. I coudnt accept it as love. We were neither something nor nothing too. There’s something left unsaid too.

Certain things remain beautiful when unsaid.

And magic happens at the unexpected moments right, that’s why it is called magic too… Yeah it happened.

April 7, 2017…
It was the first time I bunked the classes and went to movie with my friends. Not only the first time for a movie but also….no wait let me say😜. It was a manirathnam movie. Yeah lots and lots of love. I was returning from the theatre. I received a message. Yeah obviously karthick😀

Karthick: Hey, Anu…!!!
Anu: You!!! Senior.
Karthick: Whhat are you doing.?
Anu: I am with my friends.
Karthick: Are you free now.?

(“Yes of course always for you”)

Anu: Yeah snr.
Before he could say I started explaing my first time experience of watching a movie with my friends that to bunking the classes.

Karthick: Hmmm..
Anu: 😃
After a min he has seen the text and went offline. Okay I too kept the phone aside.
A message popped.

Karthick: I love you😍

I read the messge from the notification bar. Have you ever received a text, which you are scared and at the same time excited to open. Your heart beats so fast, butterflies in your tummy and you just keep on staring at your phone. It was this. Without my knowledge I opened the text. He was online too. I didn’t reply. I didn’t know what to reply. That unprepared moment for a suprise test😆.

Later again I received a text…

Karthick: Anu what will you say if someone says you this.

I knew this is not for fun. Not a prank too. And this is my time to reply. I didn’t take much of time, I replied thus…

Anu: Obviuosly a no senior. You know who I am and I am not interested in this so called love😜.

Karthick: hmm..
Karthick: Okay continue…your work..hope so enjoying with your friends.
Anu: But senior I didn’t complete.
Its a no for others.
Anu: but…
Karthick: What..?
Anu: I will say yes if its my crush. 😜
Karthick: ahaaan..
Anu: Okay, senior I know you have your internals tomorrow go and read.
Karthick: I willl call you tomorrow once my class gets over.
Anu: Okay bye.

Actually I hate this term “ahaan”. I really want to know the meaning behind his ahaans😂. He is probably not a kid, he is matured and he understood what i said.

First of all why didn’t I say it. How can I love him? What about my goals?

No he made fun of me so I too did, thats it. Nothing personal. Then why would he tell me that he will call me tomorrow?

So whats happenening if i have confessed then is this the way it has to happen?

Again with hundreds of thoughts and confusion I stood.

We had a magical beginning,
Now a sparkling middle,
Wait for the end.😉

Story of/by-

“Anonymous Girl, who is in love!!! (well that’s what they call this feeling)”

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