I have had

a breakdown.

It was not

easy to admit.

Ashamed that

people might frown

left me feeling

like a hypocrite.

I have had

a breakdown,

could not

hide it anymore,

kept thinking

that I might drown

every time

I tried to ignore that

I have had

a breakdown

and I do not

have a cure,

but I do know

that it is

alright to feel down,

it is just

something that

you learn to endure.

greyscale photography of woman wearing long sleeved top
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Unwell

  1. My prayers to all who face this dark passage,

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  2. Feels good to admit it, though–as if it’s a bad thing! Only those that know the pit of despair can ever feel real joy

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  3. Beautiful❤️

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